A Wild Rumor Surfacing about an Apple HDTV being Tested Overseas Reignites the Dream of TV Reinvented - Patently Apple

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Yesterday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Snags Matt Cherniss, Former President of WGN America, for Entertainment Programming Development." This hire seemed to lock in the reality that Apple is getting serious about creating top tier content that could support a new entertainment service to join other services on the market today by Netflix and Amazon. At one point in time Apple decided that the mobile phone could one day threaten their iPod and iTunes store and so they decided to invent the iPhone to save their music market. Although Apple has toyed with TV as the next big market for over a decade, not much had ever materialized. Apple TV the set-top-box was considered a hobby product for years and while they'll be upgrading it this year to support 4K displays, we have to begin rethinking Apple's future as a major player in entertainment content. With Amazon bundling in Prime music with their TV content, Apple may now begin to see services like this as a potential threat. If they're doubling down on content, the idea of an Apple HDTV on the drawing board has to be seriously entertained.


When Foxconn announced their new plant for Wisconsin on July 26, Chairman Terry Gou listed some of the main products his new plant would produce. Gou said that while TV was invented in America, there were no U.S. plants making televisions anymore. His company's first product focus will be 8K TVs. It sound like TV will be 'reinvented' and that sounds like something Apple would be interested in.


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Essential Phones will begin shipping within a week - The Verge

The first Essential phones will start shipping in a week’s time, according to emails sent by the company to early buyers. 9to5Google reports that Essential sent messages to customers who pre-registered for the phone. However, the messages say that only the black version of device (‘Black Moon’) will ship “within 7 days”, while shipment for the white version (‘Pure White’) is still “a couple of weeks away.”

There’s no exact release date for the phone either, but hopefully these emails mean that will be coming very soon. We’ve had a pretty good look at the device, but expectations are running high considering that the man behind Essential, Andy Rubin, is better known as the founder of Android. Investors too have been swept up in the excitement, with news coming this week that Essential is already a unicorn — a startup valued at more than a billion dollars.

A billion dollars, but zero phones shipped. Let’s hope that changes soon.

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Nintendo Switch gaming console is at center of patent infringement suit filed by Gamevice - IPWatchdog.com

Steve Brachmann

On Wednesday, August 9th, Japanese consumer electronics and gaming company Nintendo Co. (TYO:7974) was hit with a patent suit in U.S. district court over allegations that its Nintendo Switch video game console infringes upon claims of a patent held by Simi Valley, CA-based video game equipment developer Gamevice Inc. According to the complaint, Gamevice is seeking injunctive relief and monetary damages over alleged patent infringement involving detachable controllers which are included with Nintendo Switch consoles. Gamevice’s patent suit against Nintendo has been filed in the Central District of California.

Gamevice is asserting a single patent in this case: U.S. Patent No. 9126119, titled Combination Computing Device and Game Controller with Flexible Bridge Section. Issued in September 2015, it claims a combination device having a computing device with sides disposed between an electronic display screen and the device’s back, a communication port interacting with the computing device and having a pair of structures confining the computing device, an input device in communication with the communication port and having a pair of control modules providing input module apertures securing an instructional input device. Claim 1 also indicates that the input module apertures are adjacent to opposing sides of the computing device and that the input device is a structure which is separate and distinct from the communication port.

Gamevice’s complaint alleges that the company was first founded in 2008 under the name Wikipad, Inc. The Wikipad, an Android-based tablet computer, was the company’s first product and it provided an improvement upon tablet and smartphone mobile gaming platforms by providing a detachable game controller that held the tablet while also providing separate gaming controls like joysticks, buttons and triggers. This improved the user experience for mobile gaming by providing controls in a way which didn’t take up space on a touch-sensitive screen. In 2015, the Gamevice was introduced as the next-generation version of the Wikipad. The Gamevice was another detachable video game controller which was designed to work with mobile devices developed and sold by Apple and Samsung.

Then in October 2016, Nintendo released its Switch console, which by many accounts has been selling very successfully compared to other recent Nintendo mobile consoles, such as the Wii U. Through late July, news reports indicated that Nintendo had sold 4.7 million Switch units and the company maintained its forecast of 10 million units sold through 2017 in a recent earnings report.

Gamevice alleges that the Nintendo Switch infringes upon multiple elements of claim 1 of the ‘119 patent. The suit notes that the Switch console, which includes a multi-touch capacitive touch screen, can be controlled with the use of detachable Joy-Con controllers. Gamevice alleges that the Switch is a combination of claimed elements including the computing device with a plurality of sides, an electronic display screen and a device back, as well as a communications port with confinement structures. Further, the Joy-Con controllers constitute the input device with a pair of control modules which is separate and distinct from the components making up the communication port. Thus it appears that more elements of the Nintendo Switch are being targeted in the patent infringement allegations than just the Joy-Con controllers; other reports have indicated that the controllers are the sole focus of the infringement suit.

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Fired Googler's 'Manifesto' Fuels Debate about Women in Tech - Top Tech News

Software engineer James Damore was fired from his job at Google last week after a "manifesto" he wrote about diversity efforts and women in tech was leaked online. But his complaints have taken on a life of their own, fueling an ongoing public discussion about male/female differences, workplace equity, and shoddy science.

In a commentary published Friday in The Wall Street Journal, Damore said his memo was written to spark a good-faith look at differences between men and women. He criticized his former employer as a "particularly intense echo chamber" that operates "almost like a cult."

However, many others have pushed back with articles and op-ed pieces noting that much of the "scientific" data Damore cited in his memo is either outdated or inaccurate, and that Google's firing was justified because Damore's beliefs promoted "harmful gender stereotypes" and a hostile work environment for women.

Lagging Workplace Equity

This is hardly the first time questions have been raised about women in the tech industry. It's not even the first high-profile controversy this year over the issue. For example, a blog post written in February by former Uber engineer Susan Fowler about sexism at that company led to weeks and months of fallout, including the June resignation of founder/CEO Travis Kalanick.

Google and other companies have also been on the hot seat in recent years for diversity reports that show their workforces remain dominantly male and white compared to the general population of the United States. In fact, two years ago, Google announced a $150 million initiative aimed at increasing industry hiring of women and people of color, especially in the field of software engineering.

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Samsung 'Confirms' Galaxy Note 8 Is Massive - Forbes

The Galaxy Note 8 is going to be massive. It’s something I’ve stressed as its launch date nears and now even Samsung has confirmed this is going to be one huge smartphone…

Today Samsung released the Galaxy Note 8’s official teaser and its focus was all about one thing: Size. And Samsung isn’t being subtle about this.

Concept Creator

Galaxy Note 8 based on multiple leaks

The name of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 teaser video is ‘Do bigger things’ and it shows a stylus crossing out negatives like ‘impossible’ and ‘can’t’ to replace them with positives like ‘possible’ and ‘can’. And yet the exception is again the highlight: ‘big’ (not necessarily a negative) is crossed out and replaced with ‘bigger’ (not necessarily a positive - contextually).

Yes, the Galaxy Note 8 is going to be massive and Samsung is determined to use its mighty marketing budget to convince you this is a very good thing indeed.

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